On This Day — Remembering Swissair Flight 330 (February 21 1970) [2019]

Intel Today

“330 is going down. Goodbye everybody.”

Co-pilot Armand Etienne — February 21 1970 1:34

« Bern threw a ‘cloak of silence’ over the case. »

Swiss Investigator Robert Akeret

« The secret deal was ‘immoral’ and in breach of legal principles, but it was justified for strategic reasons. This might be absolutely shocking, but the reward was that there were no more attacks. »

Pr. Jean Ziegler

swiss330 Wreckage from the Swissair plane that crashed in a forest in Würenlingen

On 21 February 1970 — a cold and wet Saturday — Swissair Flight 330, bound for Tel Aviv, crashed shortly after take-off from Zürich. 38 passengers and nine crew died in the tragedy. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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